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Hexagon Composites is a listed Group, with head office in Ålesund, Norway. The Group has ~500 employees and achieved a turnover of MNOK 1.033 in 2012. The Group aims to be a leader in global market for composite cylinders. Today, Hexagon Composites is a global supplier of composite cylinders to major stakeholders in automotive, bulk hauling and for stationary storage of compressed gases. Product sizes in serial production are ranging from 11 L and up to 8400 L and for some of the products with pressure rating up to 95 MPa.

Key people involved

Per Sigurd Heggem, is educated as MSc in Marine Engineering at the University of Trondheim, Norway in 1976. In the period of 1976-1989 he worked in R&D on new technology related to energy systems, gas engine development and design of infrastructure for CNG and LNG at the University in Trondheim and at the company MARINTEK on safety and operational issues related to offshore oil/gas platforms and ships. In 1995, he joined the Raufoss Group ASA in Norway as project manager for the composite business area. In the period 1998 – 2003 he was Business Manager at Raufoss United AS and responsible for developing the CNG-business. In 2003 this business were transferred to the Hexagon Composites ASA as the company Raufoss Fuel Systems. Mr.Heggemwas until 2007 the Managing Director of the company. From 2007 Mr.Heggem was director in the same company, responsible for Research and Product Development and RCS and homologation issues. Currently he leads the Hexagon’s Global Hydrogen Team.

Patrick Breuer, is a graduated engineer in Process Engineering at the University of applied sciences in Bingen (Germany) in 2002.

In the period of 2002-2012 he worked in the R&D center of GM/Opel in Mainz-Kastel on the Development and Design of Hydrogen Storage Systems with internal and external partners. Finally, he was responsible Design Release Engineer for the Development of the next generation high pressure Hydrogen Storage Vessel and the Thermal Activated Pressure Relieve Device.

In 2013, he joined the Hexagon Composite Group in Norway as project manager for hydrogen projects.