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INERIS is a public research body of an industrial and commercial character, under the supervision of the French Ministry of Environment and Sustainable Development. INERIS’s mission is to assess and prevent accidental and chronic risks to people and the environment originating from industrial activities, chemical substances and underground works. INERIS engages in two main sorts of research and studies:

characterisation and understanding of the phenomena that underlie the risks affecting the safety or property, people, health and the environment as a result of economic activities;
improvement of the identification and evaluation of such risks in order to enable decision-makers in the public and private sectors to adopt the most appropriate measures to improve environmental safety.

Using the findings of these research works, INERIS offers advice and high-level technical expertise to public administrations, industry and regional authorities and develops an active policy for disseminating information to a wide public. Technical consultation is also provided to support Public Authorities in their regulatory and standardisation activity.

INERIS participates in numerous research projects (national or international), as leader or partner. In particular, for several years, INERIS has been participating in research projects relative to the development of safe hyperbar composite storage (HYPE, H2E). INERIS is also often contacted by industrial groups for the realization of this type of normative fire tests. So, INERIS acquired over the years, a real experimental expertise in the field of these normative tests.


Fabien Fouillen
Parc technologique Alata
+33 3 44 55 65 86

Key people involved

F. Fouillen: Born in 1978, he is an engineer in mathematics and mechanics simulation (ENSEIRB-MATMECA of Bordeaux). Before joining INERIS, he works as Project Manager for petrochemicals installations, for prospection and exploitation. Since 2007, he worked as an engineer in the Accidental Risk Division of INERIS in the fields of Fire and Ventilation.

D. Jamois: Born in 1965, Doctor in Materials Chemistry (Université de Rennes I). He has been working at INERIS since 1993 as an Engineer and as the Head of the Sensors Laboratory. He is also a member of the microelectronics and sensors club (CMC2). Since 2001 he is Engineer at the phenomenology and explosion unit of the Accidental Risk Division and responsible for the Explosion-Dispersion platform